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Suggested Contribution & e-training MCT
If you download the MCT material, please consider making a donation ($35/35€ for individuals; $100/100€ for institutions). You may donate online via this link, for more information see here. Your donation will be used to develop and evaluate new (self-help) treatments. Please note that we have developed a certified e-training for the MCT. More information is available at www.uke.de/e-mct.

Please use the links below to download the manual and other training materials (e.g., slides and homework) for metacognitive training for borderline personality disorder (B-MCT). Commercial use of these materials is prohibited. Copyright restrictions apply (e.g., no modification of the material, no use of the slides for other purposes without the authors’ prior consent). We would appreciate any feedback on the manual and training materials.

We request that individual practitioners and institutions make a small donation before using the B-MCT materials (practitioners: 30€/$30; institutions: 100€/$100) to help support the program. Contributions may be made online here.

Of course, we will send you an official donation receipt.

Translator and co-author: Dr. Saied Malihialzackerini (zuckerini99@yahoo.com).

Help us to help others!

In view of the challenging financial situation of many psychiatric hospitals, it is our goal to provide metacognitive training for borderline personality disorder (B-MCT) at a low cost. However, your donation is essential to our work and will help to improve the lives of many individuals suffering from borderline personality disorder. We would be very grateful if you would support B-MCT by making a donation.

We guarantee that all donations will go to the further development of B-MCT (future tasks: translation of modules into other languages, creation of new graphics, hiring students to perform B-MCT in clinics). Upon request, we will send you a receipt for your donation (please send an email to Steffen Moritz (moritz@uke.de) and include your mail address). Please inquire about different possibilities for sponsorships. Donations may be made to the following account:

Pay to: UKE AG Neuropsychologie
Bank: Hamburger Sparkasse HASPA

Reference/Reason for Payment line (this is crucial to ensure that your donation reaches us): 0470/001 - MCT Borderline

IBAN: DE54200505501234363636