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Suggested Contribution & e-training MCT
If you download the MCT material, please consider making a donation ($35/35€ for individuals; $100/100€ for institutions). You may donate online via this link, for more information see here. Your donation will be used to develop and evaluate new (self-help) treatments. Please note that we have developed a certified e-training for the MCT. More information is available at www.uke.de/e-mct.

Our research group has been addressing metacognitive processes in psychosis therapeutically since the early 2000s. Through humorous exercises, individuals with psychosis should gain insight into unhelpful cognitive distortions (e.g., jumping to conclusions, overconfidence in decisions) and improve their metacognitive abilities (“thinking about thinking”).

See the links on the right for further information on our metacognitive training and individualized therapy for psychosis (MCT, MCT+), borderline personality disorder (B-MCT), depression (D-MCT), depression in later life (MCT-Silver), obsessive-compulsive disorder (myMCT), and for the acute psychiatric setting (MCT-Acute). Below is a list of articles on the training and therapeutic programs we have developed. Interested in our e-learning showing you how to facilitate the intervention? Then, please click here.

A list of our publications can be found at the bottom of the following site:
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