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Workshops in North America, Australia, Asia and Europe

All of our MCT materials are available as a free download (www.uke.de/mct), and we are happy to provide training to clinicians interested running the MCT groups. Although training via a workshop is not mandatory to use our materials, we have received a large number of requests for workshops from colleagues and we are happy to provide training to clinicians interested in running MCT groups.

We typically run a two-day workshop for groups of clinicians, followed by up to six months of telephone consultation (as needed). Please contact us for further information regarding costs.

The workshop typically covers the following topics:

  1. Research and theoretical background for each of the MCT modules,
  2. Presentation of and practice with each MCT module/ session (showing specific exercises and conducing role plays)
  3. Integration of group CBT principles in running the MCT group.

Please contact the following individuals for more information with regard to MCT workshops in English:

North America: Dr. Mahesh Menon (mahesh.menon@ubc.ca) or Dr. Todd Woodward (toddswoodward@gmail.com)

Australia: Dr. Ryan Balzan (ryan.balzan@adelaide.edu.au)

Asia (currently Farsi only): Dr. Saied Malihialzuckerini (zuckerini99@yahoo.com)

Europe except Spain and Portugal: Dr. Brooke Schneider (b.schneider@uke.de) and Dr. Imke Lemmers-Jansen (Dutch, i.l.j.jansen@vu.nl)

Spain: Dr. Susana Ochoa (sochoa@pssjd.org)
South America (Spanish): Vanessa Acuña Pérez and Ariel Otto (contact: vaneacunaperez@gmail.com)

Portugal: Dr. Lara Guedes de Pinho (lmgp@uevora.pt)